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Degree Works is a web-based academic planning tool used to monitor progress toward degree completion. It can be accessed from CamelWeb or


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How do I get to Degree Works?

Access Degree Works from CamelWeb or log in directly to

What browser can I use?

Internet Explorer 9 or above, Firefox, Safari. Chrome is not supported. Recent updates to browsers sometimes adversely affect certain features. If you are having trouble, please try another browser.

Is information up-to-date?

Yes! When you view your audit, you are looking at real-time data from Banner, our student data system.

My audit progress bar says 100%. Does this mean that I can graduate?

The progress bars for requirements and credits include in progress work that must be completed. Both bars will indicate 100% once all courses in progress have been graded and all degree requirements have been completed. Please note that Degree Works does not track any non-course requirements. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of your audit; however, it is your responsibility to know and meet the requirements necessary for your degree. Final confirmation of completion of all requirements is subject to department and Registrar approval.  Please contact your academic adviser or your class dean for assistance in interpreting your audit.

What’s the difference between What If and Look Ahead?

  • What If allows you to see how a different major, minor, or concentration affects your progress toward completion. Use of the "What If" does not change your major, minor, or concentration: you still have to complete a Major/Minor Declaration form. 
  • Look Ahead is a planning tool that allows you to see how future coursework affects your audit.

I haven’t declared my major yet. Can I use Degree Works?

Yes! Degree Works shows your progress with general education requirements, and using the What If audit, you can explore different majors and how they affect your degree progress. (Major declarations are due by March 31 of your sophomore year. You can declare earlier if you wish.)

How do I declare or change my major, minor, or concentration?

You must complete and return a Declaration of Major or Minor form.  (The forms are available in the Registrar’s office.)

How do I contact the Registrar’s office?

Email or stop by Fanning 105.

Degree Works isn’t working. What do I do?

If trying another browser doesn’t fix the issue, please open a ticket with the IT Service Desk from Campus Services in CamelWeb. Select Application/Software as the Request Type, then Degree Works.

  • Save as PDF isn’t working.  Try another browser.
  • My audit is blank.  Try another browser.
  • I get “ERROR 3701”. Please contact the Registrar’s office. We may need to update some information in Banner.
  • Student record not found. Please contact the Registrar’s office. We may need to update some information in Banner.

I think my audit is wrong. What do I do?

Here are common issues and solutions. Please contact your adviser or the Registrar’s office for more help.

  • My major/minor/concentration is wrong or missing. Complete a Major/Minor Declaration form, get signatures, and return the form to the Registrar’s office.
  • The requirements are wrong. Look at the catalog term that appears with each content block on your audit. Your General Education or Connections requirements use the catalog with the year you enrolled. Your major(s)/minor(s) requirements use the catalog with the year you declared each. If you believe the wrong catalog is displayed, please contact the Registrar’s office.
  • My transfer or study away work isn’t in the right place. If the course should be used for a General Education or Connections requirement, please contact the Registrar’s office. If the course should be used for your major or minor, contact your adviser and submit a Major Minor Course Exception Form. If the course should be used for your Pathway, contact your Pathway Coordinator and submit a Pathway Course Exception Form.  
  • My adviser or department chair gave me permission to substitute a course, but it’s not showing. Contact your adviser and submit a Major/Minor Major Minor Course Exception Form.
  • A course is not appearing in the right place. Degree Works uses a complicated algorithm to determine the best fit for each course. When multiple possibilities exist, the process may not be perfect. Please contact the department or program for questions about a course in the major/minor or the Registrar’s office for questions about General Education or Connections courses or electives. For College-wide requirements, Degree Works performs a best fit analysis based on the courses a student has taken up to that point. (For example, a course that is listed under both Mode B and Mode E may be placed under Mode B). Such a course may be automatically moved to a different requirement once the student enrolls in other courses. To avoid unnecessary paperwork, the Registrar's Office asks that students wait to request any related changes to their degree audit until their senior year. 

How do I calculate my major GPA? What is the “provisional” GPA on my audit?

Please contact your department for details on calculating your major GPA. The provisional major GPA is a starting point but does not include all possible coursework that could be used toward your major requirements. Additional information about major GPA calculation for Academic Honors can be found here.