Q: Who is eligible for the Return to College program?

A: The Return to College (RTC) program is open to adult learners, 25 years or older, whose undergraduate education was interrupted and who now propose to finish a bachelor of arts degree by enrolling in 12 or fewer credits per semester, instead of the traditional 16. All applicants must have successfully completed at least one year of college level work or the equivalent.

Q: What are the application and notification deadlines?

A: The deadline for fall semester is April 1, with a notification by mid-May. The deadline for spring semester is December 1, with notification by mid-December.

Q: How do I get an application?

A: You can download the application here: Return to College Application.

Q: I graduated high school over 20 years ago; must I send my high school transcript?

A: Yes, all applicants to Connecticut College must send their high school transcripts.

Q: Are interviews required for RTC applicants?

A: RTC interviews are not available prior to the application deadline.  After applications are submitted and reviewed, some RTC candidates may be asked to come to campus for an interview.

Q: I have not been enrolled in college for over five years; can I still apply?

A: Yes, but we recommend that you enroll in a few academic classes at a local community college in order to make your application more competitive. We do consider work, family and volunteer experiences when evaluating a RTC application but a student's academic preparation and motivation is a critical aspect of the admission process.

Q: What is the tuition for RTC students?

A: For RTC students who take 12 or fewer credit hours per semester, the tuition is on a per-class basis for undergraduate courses. Students may petition to take more than 12 credit hours per semester; however, those students may be required to pay full undergraduate tuition and fees. Students who wish to audit a course may do so by permission of the instructor and the Registrar.

The tuition for 2019-2020 is $1,635 per 4-credit undergraduate course for RTC students who take 12 or fewer credit hours per semester.

Q: Can RTC students live on campus?

A: There is no campus housing available for RTC students.

Q: What social and extracurricular activities are open to RTC students?

A: All the activities available to students of traditional-age are available to RTC students.

Q: Can international students apply for the RTC Program?

A: No, unfortunately students who are not United States residents are ineligible for the RTC program and cannot apply.