SGA President Evert Fowle '14 (left) and President Katherine Bergeron with a copy of the College's shared governance covenant.
Each year, representatives from the four campus constituencies sign the Shared Governance Covenant.

Connecticut College students, faculty, staff and administrators are committed to a system of governance in which the perspectives of all groups are considered in the institution's decision-making process.

The Shared Governance Covenant was created because of a desire to strengthen this bond among students, administration and faculty. It was drafted approved by the Student Government Association in 2000 and adopted and signed at the first State of the College address on Feb. 7, 2001. The covenant is signed by the President of the College, the Student Government Association President and the chairs of the faculty and staff representative bodies each year to reaffirm the commitment to shared decision-making and mutual respect and collaboration between all of the various groups on campus.

The Covenant

Support for shared governance has always been strong at Connecticut College, and interaction among the governing bodies has always existed. However, the members of the Connecticut College community, as represented by the President of the College, Chair(s) of the Faculty Steering and Conference Committee (FSCC), Chair of Staff Council, and President of the Student Government Association (SGA), feel that the bonds of shared governance should be reinforced through this Covenant.

We, the members of the Connecticut College community, represented by its governing bodies, believe in the principles of shared governance. Shared governance is a system in which separate constituencies are all represented fairly, each by a governing body that can address the concerns and policy issues facing members of the shared governance community. Shared Governance does not entail equal decision-making power for all bodies, but it does require an inclusive view of the decision-making process. Where it is feasible and practical, decision-making power should be shared. Where it is not feasible or practical, all efforts should be made to promote transparency and inform relevant representatives in a timely manner of the decision and its reasoning.

This Covenant is a formal commitment to strive towards fully realizing the Core Value of Shared Governance. We believe that we can improve upon the structure and functioning of shared governance by encouraging communication and consultation and strengthening the relationships between the existing governing bodies. All governing bodies must be fully committed to shared governance in order for it to remain effective.

In order to ensure that the goals of both this Covenant and the ideals of shared governance are maintained at Connecticut College, a commission shall be established. The Commission on Shared Governance shall meet at least once per semester to evaluate the points of the Covenant, examine the process that this Covenant and shared governance has established, and evaluate the relationships among the governing bodies. The President of SGA, the Dean of Student Life, the Dean of the College Community, the Chair of Staff Council, the Chair of FSCC, one additional faculty member, and one student-at-large, elected by the Assembly, shall comprise the Commission. The President of SGA shall be responsible for presiding over the meetings of this Commission.

This Covenant shall be annually reaffirmed, in writing, by the President of the College, Chair(s) of FSCC, Chair of Staff Council, and President of SGA at a meeting or forum arranged by the President of SGA. A joint communication by the respective representatives shall be provided to the Connecticut College community.

Amendments to this Covenant must be approved by majority vote of FSCC, Staff Council, and SGA, and be approved by the Administration.