About Religious and Spiritual Programs

Connecticut College has a long and distinguished tradition of honoring the human spirit and nurturing its development. Benjamin Marshall, the College's second president, believed the goal of a Connecticut College education was to meld "knowledge gained from different fields of study with the practical and spiritual life of the individual."

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Programs gives this tradition a formal "home" in the life of the College. Students are encouraged to consider larger questions about their purpose and role in this world. As they examine their values and beliefs, they gain a greater appreciation for beliefs different than their own and respect for those who hold those beliefs. Our goal is to provide students with a foundation that will help them integrate personal beliefs with professional demands and prepare them to lead lives of integrity, civility and compassion.

Programs and chaplains to serve the campus community

To serve the spiritual and religious needs of students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the surrounding community, we sponsor a variety of religion-specific and multi-faith activities, programs and events. Our chaplains provide support and counsel for members of their faith groups and the broader College community.

Observing Religious Holidays

Connecticut College respects the right of all members of the community to observe religious days of obligation and/or holidays. It is expected that everyone will cooperate in respecting this right. Students and faculty, in particular, should seek ways of achieving this goal, while at the same time minimizing interruption of the academic and business work of the College. Students who are absent from class for reasons of religious observance will not be penalized. Faculty are urged not to schedule examinations or major assignments on significant religious holy days and must provide reasonable opportunities for students to make up missed work and examinations. Faculty who elect not to teach on any holy day are free to plan their assignments and make-up meetings with their classes as they wish, but they should notify their students of their plans at the beginning of the term. (This policy is per the Connecticut College Student Handbook.)