“Any faculty member designing a new course should do Tempel Institute! The course I designed this week looks very different -- and much better -- than it would have looked if I had not attended Tempel this week.”

“This was really wonderful. It was a great use of a week.”

The Tempel Summer Institute is an annual, one-week immersion program for faculty started in 2000 by a generous gift from Jean C. Tempel '65. The Institute provides a pedagogical approach to the integration of new technologies into the curriculum, and is led by Information Services staff and two faculty coordinators.

During the Institute, faculty participate in group discussions on pedagogical challenges and teaching and learning goals, and learn about instructional technologies that can be used to address those challenges and goals. Many sessions are hands-on, allowing faculty participants to gain a better understanding of the technology. Time for course development is built into the Institute, enabling participants to make significant progress on redesigning courses and creating course materials with the assistance of faculty and staff.

The next Tempel Summer Institute will be held June 1-4, 2020. A call for proposals to all faculty in the spring semester. For any questions regarding the Tempel Summer Institute, please contact Jessica McCullough, director of research support & curricular technology, at x2386.