Moodle is Connecticut College’s Learning Management System. Faculty can use Moodle to deliver course materials including text, audio and video, collect assignments, conduct discussions, post grades, communicate with students or engage in course-related activities online.

A Moodle site is generated for each regularly scheduled course each semester. Some types of courses (independent study courses, honors study courses, music lessons) are not automatically assigned a Moodle site, but one can be created upon request.

For any questions, or to get started using Moodle, consult our Documentation Library, or contact

Policies and Procedures

Course Site Enrollment

Students and faculty are automatically enrolled in Moodle course sites when they are enrolled in the course in Banner/Self-Service. Enrollment is updated at least once per day, during regular business hours.

If you are a faculty member and do not see your course listed in Moodle, please confirm that you are listed as the instructor of record in the online schedule of courses and if not, contact the registrar or your department chair. If you are listed as the instructor in the online schedule but do not see the corresponding Moodle course site, please submit a WebHelpDesk ticket.

If you are a student and do not have access to a site in Moodle for a course in which you are registered, please confirm that the course is making use of Moodle for the semester. Some faculty elect not to make use of the Moodle site for their course. If you believe the course is using Moodle and you still do not have access to the Moodle site at least one business day after registering for the course, please submit a WebHelpDesk ticket.

Course Site Retention and Access

Students will only have access to Moodle sites for the courses in which they are currently enrolled. Student access to Moodle sites will be disabled within one month of the last day of the semester.

Moodle sites for the current academic year, plus the three previous academic years, will remain active and available to faculty members. Faculty are encouraged to keep local copies of all important course-related files, including the course gradebook, and any files that have been uploaded to the Moodle course site.

Other Moodle Sites

Moodle Campus is for use by committees, working groups, departments or any other group for purposes not related to a regularly-scheduled academic course. To request a page on Moodle Campus, or for more information, please submit a WebHelpDesk ticket.

Moodle Issues and Enhancement Requests

Students, Faculty or Staff experiencing issues or problems with Moodle should initiate a ticket in WebHelpDesk. Inquiries regarding new features or enhancements, or the use or functionality of existing features should be directed to