The MISO (Measuring Information Service Outcomes) Survey is a quantitative measurement instrument that helps library and technology organizations in higher education evaluate student, faculty and staff perceptions of the services they provide. Connecticut College Information Services is pleased to announce that the 2020 survey found high satisfaction ratings across the board. Faculty, staff and students gave a mean satisfaction rating of at least 3 of 4 to more than 98 percent of library and technology services. Also, when asked about IS staff friendliness, responsiveness, reliability and knowledgeability, all staff areas received a mean rating of at least 3.7 of 4.  

Other key findings include:

  • Mean satisfaction ratings have remained above a 3.5 for all groups surveyed.
  • 92 percent of students said “technology used in courses and classrooms” greatly or moderately contributes to achieving their academic goals.
  • Faculty, staff and students are interested in learning more about "protecting identity and reputation online," "avoiding computer problems" and "productivity software."
  • 91 percent of faculty said “physical and digital library collections” greatly or moderately contribute to their research goals. 72 percent said “working with librarians” greatly or moderately contributes.

Please see the 2020 Miso Survey Results for a more complete look at the findings.

Connecticut College has been participating in this survey on a roughly biannual basis since 2006; this ongoing participation helps us evaluate services on a longitudinal basis. The survey is administered by a nonprofit group headquartered at Bryn Mawr College.

More about the MISO Survey, including contact information for the survey providers and a list of 2016 participating institutions, can be found here ( For more information about the MISO Survey on campus, contact Ariela McCaffrey, research support and outreach librarian,, or Lee Hisle, vice president of Information Services and librarian of the College, at 860-439-2650 or by email.