‌‌Students get to know Connecticut College alumni long before they become alumni themselves. Entering first-year students may have met an alumni representative at a college fair or interview, and students tap into alumni as valuable resources during college and in their subsequent professional lives.

‌As frequent visitors to campus, alumni bring professional expertise and experience back to the College and its current students in the following ways: 

  • Alumni teach classes and critique student work, meet informally with student groups over lunch or dinner and give public talks.
  • Alumni offer career advice through programs like "Sundays with Alumni", a popular panel discussion on campus in which alumni speak with students about careers ranging from finance to health care to the music business.
  • Alumni offer internships and are one-on-one mentors for students in parallel career paths.
  • The annual "Seminar on Success," sponsored by the Office of Advancement and the Office of Alumni Engagement, prepares juniors for job interviews and the workforce.
  • The Senior Giving Program for seniors, who are soon to be alumni, organizes a variety of events, many attended by the President, that focus on the importance of supporting the College that gave them an outstanding education.
  • As an alumnus, your son or daughter can connect with friends and the College by volunteering, attending alumni events and networking with alumni through the online directory.
  • Young alumni have an important voice at Connecticut College; each senior class elects a graduating student to serve a three-year term on the Board of Trustees. These "Young Alumni Trustees" work on committees, participate in discussion and are full voting members of the Board.

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