The Office of Study Away works to enhance the College’s mission through promoting carefully selected study away programs that encourage an understanding of international peoples, groups, cultures, languages, and global issues.

Through these programs we strive to assist students in achieving various goals:

  • Deepen understanding and knowledge within their academic studies through international coursework
  • Recognize and acknowledge the differences of the educational system of the host country
  • Increase language proficiency through formal classes, homestays and cultural excursions
  • Recognize and be respectful of cultural differences of the host country
  • Enhance awareness of and perspective toward the student’s home culture
  • Enhance personal growth, independence and responsibility
  • Identify global/local community concerns and issues from a host country perspective
  • Recognize economic, social and political inequities that result from differential distribution of power and privilege across the globe
  • Connect learning experiences off-campus to the program of study on campus
  • Integrate their study away experience into their education at Connecticut College once back on campus and communicate to the campus community what they have learned